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Image by Melpo Tsiliaki

A whimsical activity newspaper for art journaling

The Found and Flowered Newspaper is here!

First50 Freebie orders have shipped!

Extra! Extra!

The Found and Flowered newspaper has gone to print!

Wait, a newspaper? For journaling? Yes! I won't say any more right now because I think part of the fun of this first edition is the mystery.

Did you sign up for the First 50 Freebie? Your order is on track to ship from MA in mid-July!

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Vintage photo of women reading newspapers in a library

Did you get the paper?

If you're inspired to share feedback, requests, ideas, a letter to the editor, a photo, a journal spread, an article, a comic strip, an ad, a shoutout, anything - use this form!

Thank you!

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Handmade, vintage, and second-hand art supplies for art journaling.

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