What's Inside?

See what's inside your Found and Flowered Packet

Goods for a Blank Page

An inspiring mess awaits you! The Found and Flowered Journal packet contains journal prompts, paper scraps, curio items, washi tape, adhesive, a writing utensil, and a few surprise extras. This curated collection will help you slowly and beautifully complete your journal. The packet contains 8 journal prompts so you can tackle two per week before your next monthly packet arrives.


Makes the Perfect Gift

Do you always gift your friend a new journal? Found and Flowered is the perfect inspirational gift to help your friend write and create inside the beautiful journal you gifted last year. 


Need more reasons to sign up?

Each Found and Flowered packet is truly unique - just like you. The items are all curated with care to help inspire you and help you create a stunning art journal. The materials are found at a variety of locations including vintage stores, the boutique down the street, in a friend's craft room, in my mom's desk, inside an old book, on my trip to France, and the occasional trip to a craft store.

The materials are meant to be helpful and make your journal and art materials seem less intimidating. Even if you have beautiful paper to put in your journal, it might be hard to make that first cut and decide how to style it just-so in your journal or notebook. The paper in your monthly journal supplies packet is meant to cut and tear and wrinkle and get messy and then eventually find a home in your journal.  The journal prompts will help give your existing materials direction and the curio items will help decorate each page.

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