Find Yourself through Art Journaling

A little about what inspired the making of Found and Flowered - Goods for a Blank Page

The makings of Found and Flowered

Confession: I collect journals. I don't do anything with them after I collect them - they just sit there looking pretty (so pretty!) and... completely empty. Time to change that.

Why is it so hard to actually use a journal? Are we afraid that what we write won't be good enough, interesting enough, poetic enough? We often ask, "Well, what would I even write about?" Found and Flowered is here to inspire you with journal prompts that will help you realize that what you have to write down IS good enough, interesting enough, poetic enough and creative enough! Each month's collection will help inspire you to use your journal and get past the fears of the first page and every page after that. 

In the process of art journaling, I hope you find out about yourself and see how you grow as you make progress.


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